M3 Trade Park - Eastleigh - Hampshire

Our dedicated KISHO Technical Application and Training Centre can be found in Eastleigh, Hampshire. Here we have the workspace, tools and environment monitoring equipment to ensure that every KISHO Ceramic Coating Kit is applied in optimal conditions.

The Perfect Environment for KISHO Coating Systems

Enjoy a faultless application process by our very own KISHO staff. Our temperature-monitored application booth is the perfect environment for achieving the superior gloss finish that KISHO offers.

You can also track your application stages online and see the progress after each KISHO layer is applied!

KISHO Car Coatings Showroom Office
Ford FIesta Clear Coat Ceramic Car Coating
Japanese Ceramic Car Coating Kits
Clear Ceramic Coating Ford Mustang Blue
Ceramic Vehicle Coating Jaguar Black
KISHO Ceramic Coating for Vehicle Paintwork Application Process

Request More Information

The KISHO Technical Application and Training Centre is open by appointment only. If you would like to learn more about how KISHO can protect your vehicle, please get in contact with us here.
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